WORK Prayer |2002-

PRAYER | 2002 | 2008

A multi-channel sound installation comprising recordings of prayer from all the religions in the host city, broadcast simultaneously from 12 floor-based speakers.

Each speaker transmits its own separate selection of prayers, arranged consecutively and looped, so that when all speakers play at the same time an ever ever-changing sound environment is experienced. The audience may wander freely through the installation, listening to the polyphony of voices from all the speakers at once, or alternatively, kneel down to listen to individual prayers broadcast from any particular speaker.

The project is created in situ every time, and the prayers are collected from all the different religious groups operating in the host city, e.g. London. These have included, but are not limited to, most denominations of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism, as well as new religious movements and traditional, pre-Christian faiths.

Medium: Carpet, 12 speakers, 3 CD players, assorted wires, audio
Dimensions: 16 x 4m
Duration: Infinite
Date: 2002 (Cape Town), 2008 (Huddersfield), 2010 (Nottingham, København), 2011 (Birmingham), 2012 (Johannesburg)

Installation Images

PRAYER Cape Town | 2002

Selected examples:

Listen to Samkelo (African Traditional Religion)
Listen to Sheikh Achmat Sedick (Islam)
Listen to Dean Rowan Smith (St Georges Cathedral)
Listen to Guru Krishna (Hindu Temple Rylands)
Listen to Azila Reisenberger (Reform Judaism)
Listen to Pamela Smuts (White Eagle Lodge)
Listen to Rabbi David Hoffman (Green Point Temple Israel)
Listen to Charmain January (Bahai Society)
Listen to Prayer Group (Divine Life Society)

PRAYER Huddersfield | 2008

Selected examples:

Listen to Buta Singh (Guru Nanak Gurdwara)
Listen to Chazan Albert Chiat (United Hebrew Congregation)
Listen to Tom Mair (Huddersfield Spiritualist Church)
Listen to Christine Deihim (Bahai)
Listen to Home Group (AFM International Ministries)
Listen to Congregation (Our Lady Of Czestochowa)
Listen to George Mathesan (Huddersfield Seventh Day Adventist Church)
Listen to Major June Huby (The Salvation Army)
Listen to Reverend Ian Inglis (Lockwood Baptist Church)
Listen to William Kunin & Eva Frojmovic (Leeds Masorti)
Listen to Gen Pagmo (Vajrapani Buddhist Centre)
Listen to Guru Datt Bali (Huddersfield Hindu Temple)
Listen to Qari Muhammad Javed (Hanfia Institute)
Listen to Vicar Catherine Ogle(Church Of England)

PRAYER Nottingham | 2010

Selected examples:

Listen to Major Jonathan Roberts (Salvation Army)
Listen to Rabbi Tanya Sakhnovich (Nottingham Progressive Synagogue)
Listen to Meditation group (Sokka Gakai International)
Listen to Father Vasileios (Greek Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary Eleousa)
Listen to Anil Randev Nottingham Hindu Temple
Listen to Ian Wragg (Chilwell Road Methodist Church)
Listen to Prayer Group (Chasewood Baptist Church)

PRAYER København | 2010

Selected examples:

Listen to Ejvind(Åsatru)
Listen to Prayer volunteer(Baha'i Movement)
Listen to Priest (Greenlandic Church)
Listen to Cantor Oren (Orthodox Judaism)
Listen to Prabjit Singh (Sikh)
Listen to Fader Sergeij (Russian Orthodox Church)
Listen to Gregory Christensen (Scientology)
Listen to Prayer group (Unification Church)

PRAYER Bergen | 2010

Selected examples:

Listen to Cameroonian Prayer Volunteer (Bergen Internasjonale Menighet)
Listen to Markus Schultze-Florey (Kristensamfunnet)
Listen to Master Thich Vien Tark (Phap Vu Temple)
Listen to Sister Eilene Johnson (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)
Listen to Sri Ramachndra Kurukkal (Bergen Hindu Sabha)
Listen to Turkish Prayer Volunteer (Bergen Internasjonale Menighet)